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High quality. Innovative thinking. Latest technology. Sound research practice. Cost effective.


What qualifies us?
Our knowledge and who we have worked with.

We know research.

We use innovative approaches to gather insight and understanding for organisations of all kinds. Our skill is in harnessing the opportunities provided by technology, linked with sound research practice to deliver meaningful information.


The Wild Heather team have over 30 years combined experience in the market research sector and are happy to provide free advice on the practicality of using digital research tools.


Digital Quantitative Surveys

Digital Qualitative Research

Web-site Usability

'Fast & Light Touch' or 'Long & Engaging' we are experts in designing, building and managing web based surveys. These can be quick and simple or incorporate images, video, games, grids, free text and slider scales, mobile device and QR code accessed surveys.

Online Focus Groups - which can incorporate stimulus e.g. video, text, web sites; In depth Interviews - with video capture option; Bulletin Board Discussions–moderated, private or public;  Diary (behaviour / attitude recording) and Journal (task driven) based Research.

From simple to complex we can generate excellent insight on web sites – can include video capture of user screens, video message recording, heat maps and click stream analysis, as well as open and closed questions.

Digital Communities

Digital Panels

Digital Consultation

We work in partnership with a range of organisations where either we help them or they help us to deliver insight.

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Contact us

For a no-obligation review of a potential project or a written proposal with cost & timescale please contact us.

We don't expect to hear from you by post - but in case you want to know where to find us, our address is -


Wild Heather Research

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We can recruit and build bespoke panels or enable access to existing panels to help you find the correct profile to engage with.


Long term research and insight programmes

can deliver cost effective, understanding of your

organisation, your offers, your competitors and

the changing landscape.

Web based consultation systems to capture and collate feedback. This can include public consultation, user consultation and stakeholder consultation. Participants can upload text, documents, images, comments, links, video or other material.

We can offer an integrated package using social media tools: twitter feed, Facebook like button, social media share buttons, new feed and blogs, which can incorporate Group discussion forums, Message boards/private messaging, Online diaries, Quick polls and Incentive management. Ideal for on-going feedback using multi-methods / multiple issues.

Technology driven research can be used for any type of research activity where the respondents have, or can be given access to the internet.

Access can be via - PC, laptop, iPad / tablet or Smartphones.

Subject matters can include -


•   Product use and attitudes–knowledge, behaviour, understanding,


•   Customer satisfaction & feedback

•   Communication and branding development / evaluation

•   Staff attitude & opinion monitors

•   Stakeholder engagement

•   General public or user group consultation

Our associate company – James Law Research Associates ltd., is able to offer a full range of traditional market research methodologies, which can also be conducted in parallel with Digital activity. This includes –


•   Conventional Qualitative research services including Focus Group

     Discussions , and face to face or telephone depth interviews

     (Consumer and B2B).

•   Traditional Quantitative research methods including in home, on street,

      on location administered interviews, CAPI and CATI projects, and self-completion.

•   Staff or Stakeholder consultation including workshops.

•   Project management and delivery of projects

•   Consultancy on all research issues


Non-digital research